To an Ex Boyfriend


Dear Ex boyfriend:


After our last talk, I’ve been thinking…


I really loved the idea of being your girl. You said I was “the girl”, not any girl, the girl of your life. I’m thankful for that. Then, when you spoke to me last night, I realised you don’t know what “the girl” is.


You said I can’t be the love of your life if I didn’t trust you. But confidence it’s not something you just give away. You have to work hard for having my absolute trust. I’m sorry but I think you’re not reliable.


You said I can’t be the love of your life if I just stay apart. I’m a very independent person. Anyway, even if you don’t believe it, it’s true: I love to share. 


“Sharing is living” as a friend of mine says. 

But I can’t just give and give and give if I notice there is no feedback. With you, feedback is nonexistent. You just take and nowdays I have nothing more to give you. So… I’m not gonna waste my time waiting for the day you return a little bit. 


But, in this case, the problem is you still thinking you gave me so much… you didn’t! Promises are a future present, they are not actual. So the fact is… you only gave me love. And love it’s not enough.


That last words are really hard to pronounce, but they’re true. And if we’re laying all the cards into the table, why I shouldn’t talk about loyalty? Because you talk about the blind faith I didn’t have for you. But I’ve got evidences that verify, that come true, I wasn’t wrong: you try to kiss another girl.

Okay, you were drunk but, is that an excuse?


Honestly, I swear attempted infidelity it’s not the reason of our break up. It only increased my self-confidence to go on.

And as last comment: I accept sex was awesome! You’re something out of this world. Nevertheless, please, don’t think you’re so perfect for me. You’re not so charming, you’re not so good looking… okay, maybe you are, but not in soul! 

And, for sure, you’re not so smart! Sometimes you’re wrong. You don’t know how everything works, nobody does! You’re not an exception. And for all this things… I don’t want you in my life. You don’t fit properly in it.

Hearing that, is sad. Telling that, is really sad. So please don’t be rude to me for being sincere. That night you were really cruel. Although I forgive you. The pain talked, not you.


I’ve already got over the blow. I have a lot of things to tell you, but for now it’s alright enough. Hope you find that person you’re dreaming of. Sorry for waking you up wrongly. For me this nightmare started as a dream and that’s what I want to remember. Bad times will sink into obscurity, for sure.


Take care!


Your ex girlfriend.



2 respuestas a “To an Ex Boyfriend

  1. Judy dice:

    ah? i remember when noone knew what i was talking about when i ranted about mindless
    self indulgence:P those were the days……like 6 years ago hehe i still
    love em. thanks so much for uploading:P do you know where i
    can get their first album? tyvm:D:D:D:D:D

    Me gusta

    1. zitbalbel dice:

      Hi, and thank you for your comment. I nearly answer “like 6 years ago”… better late than never.

      And so… what you mean with “their first album”? From whom? Please, text me back ASAP, not as I did (2 years, 8 months… what happened to me????).

      Thank you and hope you enjoy next posts!

      Me gusta


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